In 1996, Blue Peter chose Lepra as their annual TV appeal, Viewers held "Bring and Buy" sales across the country and raised over £2.8 million for people affected by leprosy - one of the most successful Blue Peter appeals ever!

The appeal funded our Blue Peter Public Health and Reseach Centre (BPHRC) in Hyderabad, India. Since opening it has conducted extensive research to improve leprosy treatment and helped us to treat and support over 200,000 people each year. 

It's thanks to the generosity of Blue Peter viewers and our supporters that the centre exists, and has been able to help so many people.

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Your donation in 1996 could have helped someone like Jabbar 

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Working to beat leprosy

Leprosy is a Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) which attacks the nerves and without treatment can led to life-changing disabilities. 

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The disease is curable and we are working relentlessly to provide that cure.

Today we are undertaking vital research to:

  • Improve understanding of transmission 
  • Reduce the risk posed by antibiotic resistance
  • Provide improved treatment for ulcers

We need your support

We would love to raise another £2.8 million this year to continue the essential work of BPHRC and our treatment and rehabilitation projects across India, Bangladesh and Mozambique - where leprosy continues to destroy lives. 

To celebrate Blue Peter's 60th anniversary in October 2018, we received an amazing £50,400 in pledged match funding. We are thrilled to say, thanks to generous donations from supporters like you, we received £50,400 by the deadline of 24th October, meaning this can be doubled to £100,800!

However, there is still a long way to go to reach our £2.8milion target, which will allow all our vital research and projects to continue.

Whatever you can give today will make a huge difference to lives changed by leprosy and help us reach our target to allow all of our projects to continue.

 Please help us reach our £2.8 million target - whatever you can give will help!

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Your gift will make a real difference to people living in the most difficult of circumstances. You can help them to receive treatment to cure them of the disease and help them to overcome disability and prejudice casued by this cruel disease

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