Avelino's story

Our work with the Netherlands Leprosy Relief in Mozambique has helped people like Avelino join self-care groups to learn and practice the correct care for their symptoms.Read more

Manjulatha Behera’s Story

Read about what life is like for Manjulatha who is not only affected by leprosy, but lymphatic filariasis as well.Read more

Sonia's story

Sonia and the rest of her family were diagnosed with leprosy. All in the early stages of the disease, they were able to complete treatment without there being any lasting physical effects. But the treatment didn't stop the stigma associated with the disease...Read more

Jahanara - helping to change lives

Spurred on by the memories of seeing her father endure the effects of leprosy, Jahanara wanted to prevent others from going through the same, so she became a Lepra Community Champion.Read more

Bhumisuta's story

When Bhumisuta discovered she had leprosy, she thought she would be shunned by her community and her fiancé.Read more

Sakshi's story

Sakshi was just 10 years old when she noticed her little finger had become swollen and painful.Read more

Mussa's story

Mussa was affected by lymphatic filariasis and displayed the symptoms of hydrocele as a result.Read more

Gomes's story

Gomes was diagnosed with leprosy, since then he has been cured, and joined a self-care group to help others. He says "It is important to show other people that it is possible to cure this disease... together we can get rid of this disease!"Read more

Montu Miah's story

Hridoy's father Montu first developed a cough and a fever, but neglected his symptoms. It was only after a month he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Hridoy had to give up school to take care of the family whilst his father received treatment.Read more

Sibbu's story

Sibbu was just 11 years old when his parents noticed that his right arm was swollen and tender above the elbow.Read more