Koraput Disability Care Project (KORALEP)

With this project we hope to improve the quality of life for people affected by leprosy-related disabilities and complications.Read more

Adilabad Rural and Tribal Health Project (ARTH)

Over the next five years we aim to promote early case detection of leprosy and LF among women and children.Read more

Tackling lymphatic filariasis and leprosy in Odisha

The aim of this three year project in Odisha is to break the transmission of diseases, prevent disability and address issues of dignity and poverty.Read more

Munger Referral Centre

Our referral centre in Munger district India, was set up in 2005. We began running a project from the centre to provide health care services that could serve as a one stop centre for treatment and disability management.Read more

Addressing leprosy and lymphatic filariasis in coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh

This project in Andhra Pradesh, India aims to educate communities across the state to help reduce stigma, and detect cases of leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.Read more

Restoring the lives of forgotten people

Our project in Samastipur district of Bihar state in India, we are helping 120,000 people who are affected with lymphatic filariasis and leprosy, and living in extreme poverty.Read more